¿Eres mayor de edad?

1. Gin Tonic

Gin Tonic



5 cl gin

20 cl tonic

A slice (or peel) of lime

A few Jamaican pepper grains


We suggest you to try our gin in this combination


2. Gin HighBall

Gin HighBall


Our recomendation for something different…


5 cl gin

25 cl Ginger Ale

2 hints of Angostura

Orange peel


Mix the ingredients in a highball glass with plenty of ice, stir and complete with an organge peel touch.


3. Dry Martini

Dry Martini


The Martini or Dry Martini is one of the most well-known cocktails. Made with gin and a jet of dry vermouth, it is usually served in a cocktail glass, decorated with a crossed olive.


5,5 cl gin

1,5 cl dry vermouth

1 pitted olive


The ingredients are mixed in a mixing glass with ice cubes. You must stir thoroughly. It’s served without ice, in a cocktail glass previously refrigerated, and decorated with a crossed olive. We suggest you not to drip the olive but put it straight into the glass – the oils attached on it will make the difference.


4. Gibson



A not that traditional drink. Here, gin flavour turns due to the vermouth taste. The interesting aspect of this cocktail is added by the onion taste introduced in its preparation.


5 cl gin

3-4 drops of dry vermouth

1 pearl onion


Mix all the ingredients (but the pearl onion) in a long glass with ice. Stir quickly and strain the liquid to a martini glass. Decorate with a pearl onion.






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