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VÁNAGANDR STILLS emerges as a project that bets on the distillation of high quality spirits, looking for excellence and differenciation of the product, taking care of every detail. As the first spirit that springs from our still we created a gin according to London Dry method– we chose a traditional distillation following Galician craft experiencie without renouncing to what the still technology offers nowadays and that we added to our still without missing the essence we want to preserve.
Our still, made by the best craftsmen, captures the essence of the slow distillation – each distillation takes 14 hours and produces only around 440 bottles, from which we select a singular batch whithin each bottle is manually labeled and numbered.



Our still, at the Cambre borough, just by A Coruña, and barely 50 meters away from Aguas de Emalcsa water plant gives us the perfect location to use with its full purity the water that is considered to be one of the best tap waters in Spain.

We have created our still from scratch. Before taking a decision to choose our still we have talked with gin makers around the world and, finally, we have gone back to the origins of traditional distillation, preserving Galician still spirit, and joining the long distillation craftmen of our region.

With this target best copper craftmen have created our still. Maybe we would like to say that it was made by dwarves, as in mythologic stories, but it was the best Portuguese copper craftmen who, indeed, added the technological details that allow us to control in a more homogeneous way the destillation of our gin.

All the bottling and labeling process is made manually, numbering our bottles one by one. We want that something very special gets from us to you – that you can see all the caring and work invested in each bottle.

We want and hope that this gin is the first of a long serie of spirits that we aim to produce with the affection and care that we have put in our first creation.

We hope you enjoy it.

Our gin’s making process has 5 stages


1 Alcohol and botanicals selection.

To make our gin we have seeked a 100% grain (wheat) alcohol and a exacting selection of world botanicals: juniper and angelica root from Center Europe, cinnamon (Cassia) from Indonesia, coriander seed, sweet orange peel and lemon peel from Soain, orris root (Iris) from Eastern Europe, green cardamom from Guatemala, nutmeg from Indonesia, Turkish liquorize, Ceylan cinnamon and somehting else…



2 Botanicals maceration

First thing we do is to soak our botanicals recipe macerating at the exact time and proportions. We have looked for a high load of botanicals to make a gin with a nose and flavour very persistent in the glass – which makes that when it’s cooled down with ice it takes a slightly blue tone and it becomes steely and dense. 

 Proceso de destilación



Our destillation (hot infusing by destillation) is made in a traditional hand-made still, with a very slowly heating according to the One-Shot traditional method in London Dry. Each destillation takes 14 hours, extracting all the essence calmly and achieving the scent and flavour we want. We only get around 440 bottles from each process in our still.



4. Resting and hydratation

Once distilled, we let it sit for a few days before we hydrate it. Once we hydrate it with out excellent Galician water (Sun is always there, although covered by the clouds) until it reaches 43º we let it sit again before bottling so everything is fully integrated.



5. Bottling and labelling

Finally, we bottle and labe each everything manually, taking quality controls and numbering each bottle, one by one, so you can take to your home something really special. 



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